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Uniform Information

Students are required to dress in a manner that reflects modesty, Christian values, common sense, and appropriateness of dress. Clothing items shall be purchased from Land's End or from one of our Spirit Stores as part of the approved items selected for Bayou Academy. Other items, such as footwear, belts, socks, hair accessories, under-shirts, etc. may be purchased from any vendor,  but must meet the required guidelines.


All uniforms must be from our 3 approved outlets:  

  • Land's End School Shop
  • Heidi's Monogram Store, Cleveland, MS.
  • Patrons League Spirit Shop/Sports Pack
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Policies Regarding Uniforms for Students

  • All uniforms must be purchased from Land’s End, at our School Shop, unless otherwise specified. *
  • *Some khaki shorts alternatives to Land’s End are listed below :
    • Polo, Classic Collection, color: Khaki
    • Southern Tide, color: Sandstone
    • Patagonia, color: El Cap Khaki
    • No cargo shorts are acceptable.
  • *Some khaki pants alternatives to Land’s End are listed below:
    • Polo, Classic Collection, color: Khaki
    • Mountain Khaki, color: Sand
    • No cargo pants are acceptable.


These are some examples of approved brands, styles, and colors. *Colors to all khakis must match the Land’s End khaki color.

  • The Bayou Academy logo should be on every top that is to be worn in the school building and must be put on through Land’s End or a school-approved outlet. The only exceptions to this policy are approved Patrons League items and Sports Pack items.  Patrons League items may be worn on Friday, which will be “casual day.”  Casual day still requires uniform regulated bottoms, but Patron’s League spirit wear can be worn for tops.
  • Shorts and skirts must be no more than 4” from the top of the knee, including any items the student has tailored. 
  • Belts must be worn by all boys ages 1st grade – 12th grade and must be brown leather. 
  • Shoes must be closed heel and closed toe, no exceptions.
  • Outerwear worn inside the classroom can be from any of the three approved outlets – Bayou Academy Sports Pack, Land’s End, or Patron’s League.  For outside the classroom, any outwear is acceptable, but will need to be removed once inside the classroom. Students must have a uniform shirt underneath outerwear.
  • All skirts must have modesty shorts underneath for girls of all ages. 
  • Socks, tights, and leggings are permitted and should be white, black, dark gray, or navy in color.
  • Shirts must be tucked in by all students, except for girls wearing the “feminine fit” shirts.
  • Hair accessories for girls may be the approved headband on the Land’s End school shop or Navy, White, Black, and Royal Blue hair bows. 


Students in violation of these uniform policies will be reprimanded.  Consequences are as follows:

  1. First violation will result in a warning and the student’s parent will need to bring the correct clothing item to the school that day.
  2. A second violation will result in detention.
  3. A third violation will result in Saturday School and a meeting with the student’s parent(s) to find a solution to end violations.


  • Do our uniforms have to come from Land’s End or can we purchase similar items from somewhere else? Uniforms must be purchased from Land’s End or Heidi's in Cleveland. Heidi's now carries approved uniform polos, jackets, etc. 
  • Land's End shipping is taking a really long time. What can we do? Heidi's in Cleveland has several options with a fast turn-around.  If you are a brand new student waiting on uniforms to arrive, we ask that you do your best.  Khaki bottoms and solid shirts in black, white, gray, are preferred. We will work with you while you wait! 
  • Can we purchase the khaki pants from somewhere other than Land’s End? We do not mind if you choose to purchase the khakis from somewhere else, however, they must match exactly in color and style. Local vendors (Abraham’s, Punkin Patch, etc.) are options if you can find the right color/style. 
  • Do we have to have the logo on all tops? Can we have someone else put the logo on for us? The logo is to be worn on all tops by Land’s End. Bayou Academy Sports Pack and Patron’s League items are the only exception to this rule. You can have Heidi's in Cleveland put the logo on your polos & shirts.  They are the only local approved business with our embroidered logo. The logo should only come from Land's End or Heidi's.
  • What belts are acceptable? Brown leather belts. These can be purchased through Land’s End or anywhere you choose. The belt can be flat, braided, etc. but it must be brown leather. 1st-12th grade boys are required to wear a belt. Kindergarten and below are not required to wear belts.
  • What shoes can we wear? Shoes are your choice, but must be closed heel and closed toe. No flips flops or open sandals.
  • What about the skirts? Skirt options are listed under the school Land’s End website, and modesty shorts (ex: sliders) should be worn underneath skirts. Skirts must follow the policy for length.
  • What color socks? Can girls wear leggings? You may wear socks, tights, and leggings. They must one of the four approved colors, which are: white, black, dark gray, and navy. These do not have to be purchased from Land’s End. You may get these from anywhere you choose as long as they are the correct colors.
  • What about our outerwear? Outwear that is to be worn inside the classroom can be from any of the 3 approved outlets – Land’s End, Bayou Academy Sports Pack, or Patron’s League. For outside of the building, any outwear is acceptable, but if it is not one of the 3 approved outlets, it will need to be taken off once you arrive in the building.  Lockers are available for those who need one to store non-uniform outerwear.
  • Will there be a casual day? Yes. Friday’s give the option of Patron’s League wear (hoodies, t-shirts, homecoming shirts, etc.) with uniform approved bottoms.
  • Will elementary kids still get to wear jerseys and cheer uniforms on football game days?  Yes! Elementary will still have Spirit Day!
  • What about game days? Players will refer to their coaches as to what they are required to wear on game days.
  • Do we have to tuck our shirts in? Yes. The only exceptions to this rule are the shirts that have a band at the bottom or the feminine fit shirts that do not have a “tail” to tuck in, and children in Kindergarten and below.
  • For the elementary girls, what hair accessories can they wear? There is an approved headband on the Land’s End school website, or bows can be worn in White, Black, Navy, or Royal Blue.
  • Do we have to get the backpack and lunchbox on the website? No. These are just added for convenience. You may have any backpack or lunchbox that you choose.