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New Families

Below you will find our Frequently Asked Questions, New Family Packet, as well as an Afterschool Application.  Afterschool is available to K3 - 6th Grade.
You can see the School Calendar 2023-2024 OR visit our Events Calendar to subscribe to our web-based Calendar.  If you subscribe from your phone, you can add school events directly to your phone's calendar. Subscribe by clicking "Subscribe" in the top right corner after visiting the Events Calendar.
School begins promptly at 8:00am each morning.  Students should be in their seats prepared for class at 8:00am.  Pick-up times can vary each year as we adjust to meet our traffic needs.  In 2022-2023, carpool begins at 3:00pm. 
The doors open at 7:30am each morning for students. 
Regular office hours are 8:00am - 3:00pm. 
Summer hours are Monday - Thursday, 9:00am - 1:00pm.  (Please note that our offices rotate in the summer. If the office you need is closed, please go to the opposite side.)
We understand that sometimes things are out of your control.  We give a grace period during the first few weeks of school if you do not have uniforms yet.  However, we do require that you wear our uniform colors ( solid black, royal blue, gray, or white) in a collared polo & khaki bottoms.  These can be found in several stores in Cleveland.  
Log into your Parent Renweb/FACTS. 
Using the left-hand menu, select Family
From the drop down menu, select the child's name
Under the child's contact information, you will see "ID Number: System:" followed by a number - this is your student's Renweb ID needed to set up their cafeteria account. 
(Do not use the School ID Number that begins with BA.)
Yes.  In your app store, search "FACTS Family."  The app has a charge of $4.99/year.  This is optional. You can always log in to a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) for free.
Your child's grades will be entered into Renweb.  You can check those grades by logging into your account and selecting Student > Grades > Select student from dropdown menu.
While students may receive grades within their Canvas accounts, all official grades are posted to Renweb. 
Elementary students have summer reading due the first week of school.  When this information becomes available, it will be located on our website. You can select Academics > Elementary K3 - 6th > Summer Reading Information.
Secondary students do not participate in summer reading unless instructed by their teacher.
We will do our best to send all those currently enrolled the information needed to sign up for different sports.  If you completed your enrollment after this e-mail was sent, you will need to call the office to sign your child up.  You can do this at any time during current office hours.  Please see above for regular office hours.
All summer sports information will be posted to the website under Athletics > Summer Program Information as soon as it becomes available.
School supply lists will be listed on our website as soon as they become available.  
Elementary students that complete the entirety of the enrollment process before May will have the opportunity to purchase a pre-made school supply kit that is delivered directly to the school.  
We primarily use e-mail communication.  However, for time-sensitive information, we utilize REMIND texts.  These texts come straight to your phone as a text message.  You do NOT have to download the app.  Follow the directions below to sign up for School-wide text alerts.  This is REQUIRED.
Homeroom teachers are entered into Renweb a few days before school begins. 
You will receive an e-mail letting you know that classes are able to be viewed from your Renweb account.
We do not allow parents to request specific teachers.
We take pride in knowing that all of our teachers are equipped to give your child a successful year.  With that in mind, please do not send teacher requests.  With 250+ students in the elementary, there is simply no way that we can honor each of these requests.  We believe that ALL of our teachers are highly capable of giving your child the wonderful education s/he deserves.  
Afterschool is currently being restructured.  When the application becomes available, you can access it here.