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Clubs & Organizations

Clubs and activities allow our students to discover their unique path and pursue passions beyond the classroom, while developing key leadership skills. We are continually adding to our clubs to meet the needs & wants of each student in our halls. We meet regularly and explore every interest, from quiz bowl & chess, all the way to community service. Some activities are invitational, like National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta in individual disciplines. Members of Executive Student Council and Student Council are elected by their peers.
The purpose of this club is to provide capable and interested students with an opportunity to participate in local and state-wide academic competitions. All students in the L.A.S.S.O. program will automatically be enrolled in the Quiz Bowl Club.
The purpose of this club is to study and play the game of chess and understand the history and culture of this game.  All students enrolled in the L.A.S.S.O. program will automatically be enrolled into the Chess Club.  Participants will participate in the M.A.I.S. Chess Tournament in the fall. 
Chess Club was founded in 2017.  It includes 1st - 12th grade.  
In 2018 - Bayou Academy Lower Elementary took home 1st Place & Upper Elementary took home 2nd place overall! 
Sponsor: Claire Condon Marquis
The Bayou Academy Community Service Club is an organization that was started in 1996 by Claire Condon Marquis. We started out with 12 girls in this club and it soon grew to around 60 students. This club provides service work for the school, Cleveland area, as well as out of State. 
Some of our events include:
  • School wide Haunted House
  • Halloween Carnival
  • Working in the concession stand during Bayou Academy games
  • Decorating the windows for the nursing homes during holidays
  • Helping the Parton’s League when needed
  • Helping with “Grandparent’s Night” in the elementary
  • Can food drive
  • Decorating the trees at the hospital
  • Friends of the Library – Cleveland Library
  • Taking up donations for the “Leukemia and Lymphoma Society” each year
  • Helping the animal shelter
    • the club is ready to take up donations for the animal shelter throughout the school year
    • Worked many Saturdays to help clean the shelter
  • “Adopt an Angel” for Christmas has been a success for many years
    • Each student buys a gift for a needy child and wraps it up
  • Toy drives during the Christmas holiday for needy children
  • Donating time and supplies to do crafts at the local nursing homes
  • Brings various animals to the nursing home for “Pet Therapy”
    • We started our “Pet Therapy” in 2001 as a means to bring happiness to the residents of the nursing homes. Some of the residents miss their pets after moving to the nursing homes. The residents enjoy looking, petting, as well as holding the animals.
  • Organizing any fund raisers after a disaster
    • Hurricane Katarina (we worked many hours in the shelters)
    • Sandy Hook (sent 13 boxes of supplies to the school)
    • Helping families burned out of the homes with supplies and clothes
Decorating Committee is devoted to brightening the halls of our elementary and secondary buildings.  Students decorate for Christmas, Valentine's Day, & Spring.  This committee includes students in 7th - 12th grade.
Envirothon is an environmentally themed competition that encourages high school students to learn about topics such as wildlife, forestry, soil, land use, and aquatic ecology.  Teams compete in the Envirothon competition in the spring.
Executive Student Council is a representative body composed of 10th - 12th grade students elected by their classmates to organize social and extra-curricular activities and to participate in the government of the school.

PRESIDENT -   Mary Taylor Montesi

VICE PRESIDENT –  Mary Carson Norwood  
SECRETARY – Martin Turner
TREASURER – Katy Clark  

FCA is a student-run Christian faith-based organization. Students and coaches meet to study God’s word and to impact the world for Jesus Christ through testimony, outreach programs, and community service.  Meetings are held weekly in the mornings before school. 
The purpose of this club is to provide students with insight into the various fields of medicine and the number of careers which are available in this area. Various speakers will give students information about degree requirements, job duties and responsibilities, and general information concerning medical jobs.
Mu Alpha Theta is a national mathematics honor society for students who excel in math. Students who meet the eligibility requirements will participate in an induction ceremony.
The purpose of this organization is to promote educational excellence. Students who meet eligibility requirements excel in the areas of academics, service, leadership, and character.
Student Council is a representative body composed of students chosen by their classmates to organize social and extra-curricular activities and to participate in the government of the school.
Sponsor: Claire Condon Marquis
7th Grade
President –Bailey Smith
Vice President – Ford Murphy
Sec. Treas. – Lena Tims
10th Grade
President – Walker Cox
Vice President – Landry Lee
Sec. Treas. – Caroline Fioranelli
8th Grade
President –Granger Cotton
Vice President – Amelia Gates
Sec. Treas. – Parker George
11th Grade
President – Turner Haynes
Vice President –James Sanders
Sec. Treas. – Brynli Doty
9th Grade
President – Anderson Short
Vice President – Stafford Lott
Sec. Treas. – Anna Havens
12th Grade
President – Elle Nassar
Vice President – John Christopher Cox
Sec. Treas. – Mary Cambree Lee
The purpose of this club is to provide an outlet for interested students to improve their writing skills. Students will study various types of writing and participate in various poetry and writing contests.