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Welcome to Bayou Academy Elementary! 
We would love to give you a tour of our school and show you some of the wonderful things that make us special.  We love our students, and we'd love to have you join us! Contact kaciedavis@bayouacademy.net 
for a tour!

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Bayou Academy Elementary Curricula

A Beka is a Christian-based program that teaches students to read, write, and solve math problems while learning about God’s purpose for them. Through science students learn how we came to be and explore different characteristics of our earth and universe. Students learn about unique features of our country and our world while studying social studies and geography. A Beka’s biblical perspective focuses on helping children accumulate wisdom and become lifelong learners.

Treasures is a supplemental reading/writing/spelling program that places emphasis on reading comprehension, vocabulary building skills, and grammar skills.


Shurley English Tutorials

The video above is a walkthrough on how to install the Shurley English helper on your computer.  After installation, view the video below for login instructions and tutorials on how to work the website.


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