Week of February 3rd


  • Monday
    • Boys Soccer vs. Washington School
      • Senior Night
      • 3pm
    • Cheer Interest Meeting for all incoming 7th - 12th
      • 5:30pm in Cafeteria
  • Tuesday
    • CANCELLED 7th Grade Intersquad
    • Varsity ONLY - Basketball vs. Lee Academy
      • 6pm (This was originally 5pm but is changed to 6pm)
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
    • Basketball Jr. High District Tournament @ Pillow Academy
      • Bayou vs. Washington (Girls) - 4:00pm
      • Bayou vs. Magnolia Heights (Boys) - 5:15pm
    • Tennis Schedule is out on our Google Calendar
    • CANCELLED (being rescheduled) Boys Soccer @ Pillow Academy
      • Varsity - 5pm
      • JV - 6:15pm 
  • Friday
    • Day1 Preview Day for Incoming 7th Graders
    • Basketball vs. Delta Academy (Varsity ONLY)
      • Senior Night 
      • Little Dribblers Perform @ Halftime - Be at the gym ready to perform at 5:15pm!   Wear your Little Dribblers t-shirt and black shorts/leggings.  This will be our last performance!
  • Saturday
    • Basketball Jr. High District Tournament @ Pillow Academy
      • Girls Final - 1:00pm
      • Boys Final - 2:15pm
  • Looking Ahead
    • Feb. 10th - 21st - Registration for Current Families (remember your registration fee will increase after the 21st)
    • Feb. 10th - Hangout with the Headmaster - 9th Grade Parents - Cafeteria - 6pm
    • Feb. 12th - Elementary Reading Fair (1st - 3rd grades)
    • Feb. 13th - Science Fair
    • Feb. 14th - Career Day
    • Feb. 14th - Stick It to the Staff - 12:30pm
    • Feb. 27th - Beauty Review
    • Feb. 29th - Daddy-Daughter Dance *date changed from the 28th*
    • March 4th - Cheer Tryouts
    • March 5th - 1/2 Day of School 
    • March 6th - 13th - No School
    • March 20th - Athletic Awards - 8:15am - Basketball & Boys Soccer
    • March 21st - Jr/Sr Prom @ Cleveland Country Club
    • April 23rd - Colt Classic Golf Tournament (more info to come - save the date!)
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The Advance Computer class got a 3-D printer for their classroom this year. The class had to put this machine together and calibrate it. The class was broken into 3 teams. Each team’s task was to find software and be able to draw designs for items. They took their designs and changed them into compatible files for the printer.

Each team is competing against each other to see who can run a more productive business!

The three business are as follows: 4 MUSK, M.A.D., and Aero.

They have been selling for the last two weeks and will have enough to buy a second printer. They are making colt keychains, rings (personalized), cross necklaces, personal keychains, earrings, Class of (any number) keychains, charms for charm bracelets, jerseys with players numbers on it, etc. All the money goes back to the classroom to buy more filament and supplies.

Each team is keeping an Excel spreadsheet for their teams. They have to turn it in each week for a grade.

You are welcomed to come by and see some of their work! 

Student Announcements

  1. 1.  Detention this week will be in Mrs. Pettit's room on Tuesday & Thursday.
  2. If you did not get to sign up for Career Day on Friday, you will need to see Mrs. Hill today to sign up.
  3. The tennis team will start practice today and continue each day this week, weather permitting.
  4. Bayou Blues will meet in Mrs. Ann Marie's room today at break for a brief practice.

Patrons League

Want to sign up to get some of your volunteer hours? Here’s our Basketball Gate/Concessions sign up!


Elementary Students of the Week

Bayou Academy’s Students of the Week for the week of January 27th through the 24th are:
Left: Alli Kyle Cunningham (4th-6th)
Middle: Reeves Christmas (1st-3rd)
Right: Thomas Steele Davis (K3-K5)



New SOTW will be announced on Tuesday!

STICK IT to the Staff

We are REALLY ready to get this going! Elementary kids have buckets in their classrooms where they can bring money - it can be change, dollar bills - anything!  We want February 14th to be a fun day for the students! Help us reach our goals!  

Click here to go straight to our fundraising page for STICK IT to the Staff! This is going to be such a fun day!  We want everyone to take pride in Bayou Academy, so your support means the world to us! No amount is too little! We are asking for as much involvement as we can get!

We’ve raised OVER $3,000 so far!

Teacher of the Month

Please excuse our tardiness in sharing our December Teacher of the Month with you. December 2019’s Teacher of the Month is Mrs. Alicia Braswell. You can usually find Mrs. Braswell in the science lab dissecting something with her students, but she also loves a good project! Mrs. Braswell, thank you for all the love that your pour into teaching your students. You always go a step beyond what is expected, and we are so grateful to have you in our Bayou Academy family! Your determination to guide these students into furthering their education is certainly commendable. We appreciate you and all you do! Congratulations! 🎉💙 One family. One heartbeat. One Bayou Academy. #WeAre1 #BAtotm

Verse of the Week

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen."
- Hebrews 1:11